So you’ve set up a deal and you’re meeting your buyer – we know you might have some concerns over making a safe trade, so here are tips to make sure you and your buyer walk away happy:

Meeting a buyer

  1. Always meet in person. We’d recommend trading locally for safe deals.
  2. A buyer who offers you more money to ship your item to them is usually a scammer, and you can report them.
  3. Try to meet in a public place like a shopping mall or petrol station. If someone needs to come to your house to fetch a large item, make sure you have a friend or family member with you.

Making the exchange

  1. As far as possible, only get paid in cash for your item
  2. If you must accept a bank transfer, make sure you call your bank to check that the funds have cleared before handing over the item
  3. Never accept proof of payment SMS or email – these are very easy to fake.

We aren’t in any position to handle or facilitate any exchange of money. So, please, be careful when handing overpayment.